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Why Our Firm Is Your Family Law Resource

If you are involved in a family law conflict, you know how stressful and disorienting the experience can be. There is a lot at stake, and the decisions made during this period can have significant and long-lasting consequences. As a result, it is imperative that you secure trusted and strong legal representation to protect your interests. Our depth of experience and knowledge of the local courts are assets you can count on as we work to resolve your case. At Reich, Jumbeck, Stole & Reeb, LLP, your interests come first.

What We Do

Our firm is prepared to take on a range of family law matters. Whether you are going through a divorce, need to establish allocation of parental responsibilities or divide property, we are here to help you work through these challenges. Additional family law areas we assist with include:

  • Paternity. Establishing official paternity/parentage makes official the accompanying rights and resonsibilies of the parent. This can include child support and the right to make decisions about the upbringing of the child. We can help whether you are seeking to prove or contest paternity for a child.
  • Prenuptial/postnuptial agreements. These agreements establish expectations for what will happen should the marriage come to an end. While some may see these agreements as “unromantic” or only for very wealthy individuals, establishing expectations early in a marriage can help to reduce uncertainty avoid conflict for any couple.
  • Adoption. Adding a child to your family, whether through private adoption or step-parent adoption, can be a complicated and lenghty process. Our attorneys can help ease the path to expanding your family through the adoption process.
  • Orders of protection. If the conflict in your relationship has escalated to the point where you ned protection, our firm can move quickly to help you secure the safety you deserve. We will listen to your situation and help guide you through the process of reclaiming your safety through the court system.
  • Appeals. The first decision about your family law situation does not have to be the final word. Our attorneys can handle apeals for whatever issue you are facing, whether it be child support, alimony/maintenance or another concern.

Work With Attorneys Who Care About Your Future

At Reich, Jumbeck, Stole & Reeb, LLP, we are here to help you through what is likely one of the most difficult situations of your life. Contact us today at 815-770-2669 to schedule a consultation, or send us a message online. From our office in Joliet, our experienced family law attorneys serve clients in communities throughout Northern Illinois.