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What You Need To Know About Divorce And Separation

If you are facing a divorce in Will County or Grundy County, we can help you handle every aspect. Reich, Jumbeck, Stole & Reeb, LLP is a respected full-service divorce and family law firm primarily serving the residents of Joliet and the surrounding communities. Our divorce attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience handling routine and complex divorces, as well as divorce-related matters. Our firm is well-equipped to provide skilled handling of your matter and has a successful record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients.

Managing Your Divorce From Start To Finish — No Matter How Complex

Clients with extensive assets, closely held businesses, retirement compensation and property division concerns require an added level of expertise. Our firm has longtime experience helping clients secure equitable marital settlement agreements and fair case resolution. Aim to protect your interests by asking the right questions and considered all the possible options. Additionally, our primary focus on the Will County area means that we have an intricate knowledge of the local court system.

Child custody (now considered allocation of parental responsibilities) can be one of the most challenging aspects to divorce. We will help you make the best decisions for your children, guiding the creation of parenting agreements and protecting parenting time. The unique dynamics and circumstances of your matter will help us to pursue a custody option that is well-suited to your familial needs. If you are concerned about how to handle child support payments or how to pursue a fair support determination, we can guide you to statutes and case law to give you an idea of what you can expect. Our attorneys will also help you navigate the alimony/maintenance process to ensure your interests are protected.

Continuous Support for Post-Decree Proceedings And Appeals

After issuance of a divorce decree, you may require additional legal assistance. Post-decree proceedings may include modifications, enforcement, and requests for help with college expenses for a qualified student. Additionally, you may choose to appeal divorce or family law rulings or court orders. Our attorneys carefully respond to these issues when other attorneys do not take the time to do so. Why? We believe that our time is always well spent when it involves fighting for our clients’ rights. We are known for the kind of in-depth case handling that most post-decree matters involve. We will make sure that your paperwork is in order, responses are well-written, and that your overall goals are preserved.

Begin Your Divorce Proceedings

Contact our divorce lawyers to set up an initial consultation for your family law or divorce case. You may reach our Joliet, Illinois office by calling 815-770-2669 or reaching out online. We represent clients throughout Will County and Grundy County, offering over 75 years combined local experience and dedication to our clients. The attorneys at Reich, Jumbeck, Stole & Reeb, LLP look forward to meeting with you to discuss your concerns today.