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Building Confidence And Trust

Choosing the right legal representation for your family law case can be difficult. The professional rapport you develop with your attorney can impact the effectiveness and outcome of your case. At Reich, Jumbeck & Stole, L.L.P., we strive to build strong working relationships with our clients from their first meeting.

Our Joliet law firm represents people who have divorce and family law matters in Will, Kendall, DuPage and Grundy counties. We have over 75 years of combined Illinois experience and a long record of success for our clients.

We Will Lay Out Your Case Options

In your first meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss your family law matter with an attorney and get answers to your questions. Our legal professional will analyze the details of your new or existing case and then lay out the options you have to move forward. We will advise you on which legal approach most suits your case and then allow you to make an educated decision.

After this first meeting, our staff will take immediate action to get the results that you want. Our attorneys create personalized legal strategies for every client by using our team-based approach to the law. Our firm maximizes the value we give to clients and we focus on getting the best possible outcome for every case.

The Documents You Will Receive At The End Of Your Case

While no two family law cases are the same, the documents involved in some legal matters are consistent. In your first meeting, we will inform you of the legal agreements you will receive at the end of your case and their importance.

For example, at the end of a divorce filing both parties will generally have two major documents, a divorce decree and a parenting plan. A divorce decree outlines marital property division, spousal support payments and other legal matters. A parenting plan describes the allocation of parental responsibilities and expected visitation time. We help clients understand the significance of these legal orders and the role they will play in their cases.

Our Attorneys Can Answer Your Questions

We can give you a complete case analysis of your case in an initial meeting. You can call us at 815-770-2669 or send us an email to schedule time with our attorneys. We take a hands-on approach to the law, and you will work with the same team of lawyers throughout your entire case.