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Value assets carefully during your Illinois divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Divorce

When you’re involved in a divorce, it can be a stressful period in your life. Taking time to examine each possibility involved with your breakup can be critical. Thinking clearly while in this position is essential to avoid making financial mistakes that negatively affect you.

Don’t rush the divorce process

While you may be ready to split and divorce your spouse as quickly as possible, problems can occur if you go through the process too fast and make financial mistakes. Attempting to reconcile your differences with mediation or arbitration is an excellent place to start. Doing so can provide you with more control over the outcome.

Know the true value of assets

If you and your spouse own complex assets, such as a business, it can be more challenging to derive a value. Ensuring you get what you deserve can be completed by hiring a professional to determine the value of your assets. Factoring in ongoing expenses for maintenance on some of the assets can also be included if it helps find a realistic value. Since you live in an equitable distribution state, the accumulated property may not be divided 50-50.

Negotiating a settlement

It can be tricky to negotiate a settlement when you own a business. However, doing so can be less expensive and stressful than dragging out your differences in divorce court. Choosing to sell your business may be one option. Having one of you buy the other out is another choice that may be available. Distributing a business during a divorce can also require considering how much you and your spouse contributed in money and time.

Going through the process methodically is vital if you’re getting divorced. Take time to value each asset correctly and work on negotiating a settlement if possible.

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