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Why is grey divorce on the rise?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Divorce

As trends in divorce rates change over the years, some things stay consistent. For example, grey divorce rates consistently rise as time passes. Does this hold any particular implications?

More important, what are the reason behind these consistent upward inclines? And what does it mean for grey divorcees?

Diminishing stigma

Forbes takes a look at grey divorce and the potential implications behind its continued rise. First, grey divorce is a term referring to divorcing couples over the age of 50. You may have also heard terms like diamond divorce or silver splitter. In other words, divorce rates between people 50 and up are on the rise and have been for some time.

Experts debate the potential reasons for this. For one, the stigma surrounding divorce continues to decrease. In the past, a divorcee might face discrimination due to their marital status. This held especially true for women. These days, almost everyone knows at least one divorced individual.

Life expectancy changes

Life span expectancy changes may also contribute. People live longer and longer. With this increase in lifespan, 50 does not seem like an old age anymore. Many people want to start over and experience a new relationship, rather than staying in a loveless marriage for decades more.

Finally, a community forms for grey divorcees as time goes on. This gives other potential divorcees the information, knowledge and support they might need to make such a big decision. As more divorce and add to the pool of resources, it helps pave the way for others. It also creates an important support ladder for anyone going through the process.

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