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How to stay in touch with your child after divorce

One of the most difficult things for divorcing parents and their children is the realization that contact time is going to diminish. Whereas both parents once had unlimited access to their children (legally at least), now that time must be split. When it’s time for your child to be with their other parent, you won’t get to see them.

The reality is that most married parents don’t see their children all the time either. Work and the children’s school commitments mean the time spent together does not amount to a full week. Yet the option was technically always there.

Technology can make things easier

Go back a couple of decades and the only option to talk to your child when they were with their other parent was to call them on the landline. These days you have multiple options to speak to them, as well as see them and interact with them, albeit virtually. While virtual connection will never be quite the same as presential time together it can still count for a lot.

You can do so much more than talk

There are all sorts of ways to share time virtually while apart physically, from streaming a track or movie at the same time to gaming, document sharing to help with homework or just chatting via videolink.

Give it some consideration when negotiating custody and parenting time arrangements as while it can be a good thing, you don’t want to reach a point where it intrudes on the other parent’s face-to-face time with your child.

Getting help to learn more about how custody and parenting can work is wise if you are a divorcing parent.

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