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Exploring the pros and cons of co-parenting

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Divorce

Many divorced parents in Illinois have adopted co-parenting. This is a situation is where the parents are no longer romantically involved but they both assume responsibility for raising their young children.

Communication and empathy are essential in co-parenting

Empathy, patience, and open communication are prerequisites for successful co-parenting. Each must look beyond their personal preferences and focus on the development of their children. Like other relationship dynamics, co-parenting has its benefits and its challenges.

Children can learn conflict resolution

Children who watch divorced parents cooperate learn how to deal with conflict by example. They see techniques for cooperating with others even when things are undesirable.

Let your children just be children

Sometimes when parents divorce, children feel that they have to be an emotional support to their parents. It forces the child to take on parent-like emotional responsibilities beyond their years. However, with co-parenting, the parents can turn to each other for emotional stability. This is especially beneficial when challenges arise pertaining to child-rearing issues. The result is that children can be children and not prematurely take on the emotional aspects of being an adult.

Family stability

Seeing their parents divorce can be difficult for children. Co-parenting creates stability by providing consistent schedules, expectations, and communication for them. Stability makes children feel safe. It equips them to face life’s challenging situations.

The challenges of co-parenting

It can be challenging for working parents to adjust their schedules to match that of their ex-spouse. Additionally, if parents have conflicting views on how to raise children, the disputes that arise can take a toll on all concerned. When major life decisions are involved, kids can be left traumatized.

Co-parenting has some benefits and challenges. Thankfully, the results can be positive if both parents focus on what is in the best interests of their children.

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