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Making the holidays happy for kids during a divorce

The holidays are a time of joy, family and togetherness, but they can be difficult during a divorce. Your children might have a particularly hard time while one parent is out of the home. This is how to make your Illinois holidays happier for them during your divorce.

Share time with the kids

Although you and your spouse are getting a divorce, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t both spend time with your children. You can do that on separate days and focus on quality time with the kids by finding fun activities they enjoy to partake in. Keeping them engaged while spending that time together is a great way to make things fun.

Acknowledge your children’s feelings

Understand that your children might have some difficult feelings over the holidays because of the divorce. Acknowledge their feelings and avoid putting them in the middle of things between you and your spouse. If you have engaged in such behaviors in the past, now is the time to stop. Don’t use your child as a messenger or ask them about your spouse, either.

Work with your spouse

If you and your spouse are able to put your differences aside for the sake of your children, you should work together to make the holidays pleasant. Even if your split is contentious, remember that it’s for the holidays for the kids. Coordinate on giving your children gifts to avoid giving them the same thing. You can also jointly buy them presents if you’re planning to get something expensive or both have the same idea.

Create new traditions

Just because your marriage is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t create new holiday traditions with your children. You might want to alternate who gets the kids on Christmas and who has them during New Year’s.

Children need a break from the stresses of their parent’s divorce, especially during the holidays.

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