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Can someone evaluating your child custody case be wrong?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Divorce

Residents of Joliet and other nearby areas of Illinois might want to learn more about those who evaluate child custody during divorce. These people are human, and humans sometimes make mistakes.

According to the Psychological Center For Expert Evaluations, work product reviews can help. Rebuttal witness testimony may also a solution.

‘Fessing up

A forensic psychologist recently had someone smash into her home fence and drive away. It made her very mad; however, she later heard that the person who did this was a 17-year-old, who just received the truck from his parents. In fact, his dad took him back to the house to apologize for his actions.

It was a time for the dad to teach his son about integrity, the importance of accountability, and the way to repair situations when there is a mess-up. To this end, the son then spent several hours repairing the broken fence, taking it to even better condition.

The action of psychologists may alter lives

Two families may depend on the results of a psychologist. Impulsiveness or thoughtlessness may destroy families who depend on the right thing taking place. Divorce is difficult, and parents need evaluations that follow certain guidelines.

The importance of accountability

When things are wrong, accountability matters. Professional responsibility must triumph over emotional action when evaluations take place.

Information for the courts

During a divorce proceeding, sometimes reports are just too far wrong to be helpful for the courts. The forensic psychologist must inform the court when an evaluation is not helpful or is not right.

For an evaluator, responsibility for mistakes is never fun. However, in a child custody evaluation, lack of error may be very important. Courts must do the right thing when it comes to the welfare of children.

Evaluators may sometimes make mistakes. They need to be effective clinicians who are better able to help the families that they evaluate. The Courts will then trust them to do the right thing.

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