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What are reasons to take a lump sum spousal payment?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Divorce

You might not realize that you have another option for receiving your spousal support other than periodic alimony payments. If you have concerns that you might have problems receiving your alimony over time, you might instead look into getting all of your alimony in a single lump sum payment.

A lump sum payment is not for all couples since sometimes circumstances do not permit it. For one thing, the paying spouse needs to have enough assets to finance it. If a lump sum is a viable option for you, Forbes explains the kinds of problems you might avoid by taking the lump sum payment.

Getting all of your money

Even with a spousal support settlement in place, there is no guarantee your spouse will uphold the agreement. You might have to go back to court to enforce the settlement, which can take up time and expense. With a lump sum, you will receive all of your spousal support up front without having to worry about the train of payments coming to a halt.

Avoiding court fights

You might also avoid court fights that may happen if your spouse petitions to reduce or eliminate paying any more alimony. In some states that have passed alimony reform, former spouses are winning reductions in their alimony payments. Also, your ex might claim you have entered into a new relationship that voids the need for more spousal support. Fighting such assertions can rack up more court costs and might endanger further alimony payments.

Avoiding unexpected circumstances

You might enjoy warm relations with your ex, so it may not seem that your former spouse would do anything to get out of support payments. Unfortunately, circumstances may intervene. Your ex-spouse may lose a job or get into a car crash that inflicts a permanent disability. All of these events may make it impossible for your former spouse to continue to make payments to you. At least with a lump sum, you would not have to worry about life events suddenly cutting off your alimony.

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