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Divorce: Marital issues that are often causal factors

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

Whether you’ve been married 20 or more years, or have not yet reached your 10-year anniversary, you and your spouse may have encountered challenges in your relationship. If so, you’re definitely not the only Illinois couple to say they have had marriage problems. While some spouses are able to resolve such issues in time, others determine the most viable solution is to file for divorce.

When you make the decision to end your marriage, it not only affects you and your spouse but other people in your lives as well, especially if you have children. There are certain issues that might increase your chances for divorce more than someone who has not experienced such problems in a marital relationship.

Issues that may apply to your situation

Many Illinois spouses and others who divorce say they believe the fact that they married at very young ages may have had something to do with the breakdown in their relationships. It’s possible for spouses to grow apart in time. Some say marrying young increases the chances of divorce because people typically change as they grow older and they may find they no longer have things in common with the spouse of their youth.

Do you and your spouse argue about money all the time? Financial contention is an issue that often leads to divorce. In addition, lack of intimacy or affection in marriage compels many people to call it quits in their relationships. Perhaps, these specific issues weren’t a problem in your marriage but you simply decided you’d rather be on your own than stay in an unhappy relationship.

More issues that often prompt divorce

Many spouses who file for divorce say they did not feel able to deal with their partners’ addictions any longer. If you have a spouse who has a substance abuse problem or is addicted to pornography or gambling, you’re not alone in your struggle. Such issues can place great strain on a marriage and some relationships crumble under the pressure.

Moving on in life

If you’re contemplating divorce, you hopefully have a family member or trusted friend you can lean on for support. It’s often helpful to talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience. If you’re a parent, it’s good to know where to seek support to help your children adapt to a new lifestyle as well. When it comes to protecting your rights, you may find it beneficial to seek out the support of an experienced family law attorney.

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