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Common factors make divorce more likely

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Divorce

There are many reasons why married partners in Illinois decide to divorce. Splitting up can be a major decision that leads to significant emotional, personal and financial disruption in both spouses’ lives. Still, divorce can be an important and positive choice for people who have developed truly irreconcilable differences in their relationships. These issues can range from matters like abuse or addiction to a simple process of growing apart over time. There are several common factors that can point to serious problems in a relationship, and these situations can make divorce more likely.

Some indications of growing separation in a marriage may seem superficial but actually point to more serious concerns. For example, spouses who do not eat together are more likely to divorce. Many reasons may lead to this situation, including clashing work schedules. Over time, however, couples can fall out of communication and lose the ties that bind them together. Similarly, couples that abandon date nights, shared hobbies and other fun plans also can lose their romantic connection.

Addiction is another serious issue that can undermine a relationship. Whether a spouse is dealing with a dependency on alcohol, drugs or other outside stimuli like gambling, the financial and health damage caused by addiction can lead to divorce. Other couples may want to stay together for the family but find that the children are the only thing keeping them together. They may actually feel greater resentment than ex-spouses who make a plan to co-parent successfully together.

For many reasons, couples may decide that it is better to go their separate ways. Still, divorce involves an array of complex legal and financial questions. A family law attorney could help a divorcing spouse to negotiate for a fair property division settlement and other matters.

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