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Making an informed decision about divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Divorce

When couples in Illinois struggle in their marriage and consider divorce, they risk making an uninformed decision on whether to continue in the marriage. Being knowledgeable about the things that impact relationships, how division of property and custody matters are handled in their state and the emotional effects of a split can help them make a clear decision on how to proceed.

For some couples, divorce seems like the only way to end the tension and fights that might have developed in their marriage. But it is Important to remember that many of the things couples disagree on, that often lead to divorce, will still be there once the divorce is final. Another thing is that some people also believe that only one partner is to blame for the end of a marriage. However, just like there are two people in the relationship, the end of it often comes due to actions, words and feelings from both partners.

There are also divorce fears and misconceptions when people are considering moving on from their marriage. One is that during divorce mothers will always get the custody of the children, which is not necessarily true, particularly as roles evolve and change, with many fathers now being primary caretakers. Similarly, there is a mistaken belief that alimony is always awarded to women, but again, with roles evolving, women are earning more, often more than their spouses. Men can request and do receive alimony.

Residents considering divorce might speak with a lawyer with family law experience to advise them over the paths they can take if they choose to pursue a divorce. A lawyer may be able to explain how state legislation works, what their client can expect from the process and beyond, and represent their client in court appearances.

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